Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

So I woke up…

this morning with a headache…and I was thinking “Why on earth do I have a headache, I never get headaches, This stinks.” Whining comes easy in the morning before the fog clears.So I downed a handfull of ibuprofen and got on with things. Then it occurred to me that I have a friend who gets migraines so bad she pukes her guts inside out and can’t hardly walk, much less drive. And I have a friend who gets migraines that last days, weekes and sometimes months – so long that he will probably have to sit out the rest of this semester at home. And one of the guys I work with has headaches almost every day and often has migraines that level him, as well. And I wake up with a smidgen of a headache and I complain. Sometimes I am pathetic…

Take a wild guess

…where i am. That’s right. Of course. After all where else would I be but at the good ol’ coffee shop. Which I love…even though they have raised their prises slightly. That’s just life. This past weekend was wild…and long. It only took about 13 hours of driving to get to Orlando (thanks to loosely enforced speed limits). And after finding Mike’s house at Pioneers, and finding Mike and his family suprised to see us, there was a little catching up on life and a lot of catching up on sleep. Saturday morning Mike gave us a quick tour of the property (its very beautiful) and then we headed over for a brief stop at Wycliffe before heading south to Lauderdale. Once we got to Lauderdale (and unable to get ahold of missionary pastor Dave Toro) we caught up with my old friend Sarah. Sarah worked for me a couple years ago at Word of Life. Simply put, she is the best van driver ever. We went to church with her Saturday evening at Calvary Chapel. This as got to be the most incredible church I have ever been to. While it is large it is still focused on the Word and fellowship. It was just awesome. And the pastor, Bob Coy, is a excellent preacher. Sunday morning Sarah showed me around Calvary (she drives a tram ferrying people around the huge parking lot) while my grandma joined Dave at his English speaking church in south Lauderdale. Tha afternoon I met her at the Spainish church, Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, in the north part of the city. After the service we headed north for the ling ride home. That evening we stopped at D J Hayashi, the best asian seafood I have ever had. Period. If you are ever down that way check it out. Monday was spent cruising back up I-95, I-26, I-77, I-64 and good ol’ US52…and back to home in time for a good nights rest before work Tuesday… All in all it was a tiring but also refreshing trip south.


This is a tough one. Walt, one of the guys I work with, is facing something unexplainably difficult. His new son, Landon, was born premature and is in the hospital at UK. Landon, after 2 or so months, only ways 2lbs.10oz. He has been in the hospital since he was born, and was doing well… Until this week. Now he has developed an infection. A serious one. As if this wasn’t enough to face. Walt and his wife lost their last child, who was also born premature back in February and who passed away after a couple of months. In all honesty I don’t know how Walt holds up even now…and I can’t bear to think of the pain he and his wife will experience if they loose Landon. So please…lift them up in prayer….


So its Thursday night and what better way to relax after a long hard day of labor than to cruise downtown and kick back at the Port City Cafe. Sipping on a cafe mocha and pondering the last few days and the next few to come. On Monday I officially started working out of the South Portsmouth office of Arrick’s Propane. That means (banjo strum) I now commute to Kentucky every morning. On the upside I take a route past Tim Horton’s. Its been good, though there were a couple of ten and twelve hour days. I am learning alot about what I do and enjoying both the change of pace and the change in scenery. And early tomorrow morning I head for a quick trip to Florida with my Grandma to return a trailer to my good friend Mike Murphy (in Orlando) and visit my old pal Sarah Milbourne (somewhere near Ft. Lauderdale, I think). And my grandma is going to visit her missionary friend Antonio who does live in Ft. Lauderdale. All in al it should be a fun weekend…. And if it all works out we’ll a though in a side trip to Wilmington to visit my brother Nick, who just moved there to take a new job.


Then its back to work on Tuesday.

God is the Gospel

I heard about this new work from John Piper on his daily radio program. Last night I swung by Praises (out local Christian bookstore) and picked it up. Looking forward to reading it and getting a better understanding of who God is and how He glorifies Himself through His message to us.