Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

Time flies when you are not paying attention

January has just cruised right on by, with hardly a moment to reflect. Probably the best thing to happen to me lately is I have been able to start taking a class on missions called Perspectives. The first class was last Monday, and it was really, really good. The reading for the class is also solid, supporting the “lecture” but not just parroting it. The class is every Monday evening until May 8th, and is in Columbus (about 1 1/2 hour away) – making it a long trip, but definelty a worthwhile one. I also began teaching the adult Sunday school class at Grace this month. We’re winding our way through the book of Ephesians – hopefully I won’t bore them or spout any major heresies. that’s about all that’s new, though some cool stuff is on the way in February, March and May… But I don’t want to give that away now. If all goes well I’ll have a couple of more movie and book recommendations up soon….

Sad News

I found out earlier this afternoon that my beloved (mostly) alma mater Piedmont Bible College is shutting down its Missionary Aviation program over the next few years. Not only was this program instrumental in training many pilots and mechanics, but it was aviaton that led me to go to Bible College in the first place. Among other memories I have are the evenings I used to spend racing up and down the active runway on my motorcycle….when I was supposed to be making up hours…ah those were the days…

Over 50 years ago

Five American Missionaries gave their lives in an attempt to make peaceful contact with a remote tribe in Ecuador. The stories of these missionaries, the men that slew them and the reconciliation that God brought later is movingly depicted in the movie “End of the Spear” Find at a theater….go see it…its worth the drive and the price of admission. Check out this review on Relevant’s website. And checkout the homepage for the movie itself

A new year and an end to a long December….

December was cold here…and thus I spent most of it working some long days. It was good though and the holidays were relaxing. Things have warmed up a bit so work has slowed down…so I’ll see if I can’t get back into some kind groove with studying and updating this….