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a miscellanea

On a Mission

Last week I wrote in my blog (http://home.mindspring.com/~davegullett/prayer.htmlhttp://www.prayforindonesia.com/dave/)  about how I had had enough of wasting time. And I have. So I am setting up this page to record my pursuit of Mission. Where will I be heading? When will I go? I am not sure yet. But sooner or later I am going someplace…for God. It might be downtown or it might be the backside of Africa… Many opportunities are out there…and I am looking into a few. As soon as things develop I’ll post it here.

It is unnerving to me how…

…I as a Christian and as an American can be so enthused and reverent and so calloused and cold. Last night I went to a David Crowder Band / Third Day concert at Cedarville. In a lot of ways it was an awesome experience. Jumping around and singing to the rocking praise songs of David Crowder was intense, it was moving, in a lot of ways it was worship and it flat wore me out. All that passion poured out to God by the band and the crowd was incredible. Really incredible. Then during the intermission one of the guys form Third Day came out and was talking to us about Uganda, and the plight of children there. Just a few days ago I caught a story on Relevant about this, and I couldn’t believe more hasn’t been brought to light about the evil that is going on there. (See here and here for more) How can I say I love God and desire to serve Him and do nothing? How can any of us? And maybe you’re thinking “C’mon, Dave, we can’t save the world from evil?” And I want to ask “Why not? If God is who he says He is and we are who He says we are, then why not?” Maybe each of us can’t do it alone — but, as part of a bigger effort — all of us can do something. It’s just not enough to sing and talk about compassion. It just isn’t. I spent the rest of the show sing at the top of my lungs with everyone else. Carried along by the powerful words and rhythms and melodies of Third Day. But all that volume couldn’t drown out the small voice inside of me saying “Do something.” It’s a voice I have been hearing more and more lately. So I will. And so should you.

Ahh..more snow

I love it. Snow is wonderful. I have been having a hard time adapting to the lack of winter in these here parts. But, now it is all good. Later today I am heading up to Cedarville to visit my old pal Zach and go to the Third Day concert. It will rock. Then back late tonight so I can teach tomorrow morning. That and the fact I am finally going to the eye doctor today. I will be able to see again. Woohoo.

God's glory and only His glory

Over the last couple of years (I can be slow), more and more it has become apparent to me that we as followers of Christ so often live our lives for the wrong reason. Oh, we do good…we serve Him…but our motives are corrupt. At least mine have been. We serve out of obligation, out of duty maybe even out of love…but often a love based on what God has done for us…or will do for us. We serve out of gratitude or out of guilt, out of spontaneous praise or time worn habit. But all of these motives fall short of the high calling we are led to serve. The only real reason to worship, to serve, to live and breathe is to glorify God. To bring Him and Him alone glory and honor. If our reasons for doing what we do , even if what we do is good or shiny or “religious”, is anything other than the furthering of God’s glory, the increasing of His renown, His reputation…then we have terribly missed the mark and all our effort is wasted, fit only for the dung heap.

Enough Wasted Time

Well maybe not entirely wasted, but certainly not focused towards a higher purpose or goal. So I am now seriously and prayerfully considering a life in missions. I suppose its about time, after all missions is why I started Bible college in the first place…but after a few turns in the road I seem to only now be finding my way back to the direction God gave me long ago. Funny how I like to wander.
Between my own reading and study, the influence of a few friends, and a growing dissatisfaction with how well I have lived so far I desire serve God abroad, wherever He would have me go. So I am looking at short term trips either this summer or perhaps in the fall.
I need the wisdom to follow the right road this time around, and not stumble of the path, as I often have in the past.