Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

finally an update

Its been a little over a month since I returned from Indonesia, though at times it seems like an eternity. After about a week to get over the shock of jumping back into another culture and another time zone I went back to work. at Arrick’s Propane. Its a good job, keeps me busy and that keeps me out of trouble.

Indonesia seems so long ago and so far away, but I deeply miss it and long to return.

And I have the opportunity to return next summer, assisting the leader of the program I was in.

The possibility of this is both exciting and humbling. I want to go back, however I fully realize there is much that I have yet learn about the people of Indonesia and that my returning is completely dependent on God working in the hearts of others to send me there.

Another aspect of this opportunity is the possibility of working in Indonesia for a much longer period of time.
Many things need to be worked out for this to become a reality, some of which are…

I would need to be accepted as a member of Wycliffe, as well as the Indonesian Branch of SIL.
I’ll need a Master’s degree, probably in Business Administration…as this is non-threatening to the Indonesian gov’t and allows for the most flexibility in obtaining a visa and sponsorship.
I’ll need to raise support like any traditional missionary would
I’ll need to become fluent in Bahasa Indonesia…and though I have a very basic knowledge of it, I have a lot to learn here as well.

I know that Christ is sufficient, and if He is in this than these details are just that, details.
But please pray that I have the wisdom to be sure of God’s directing and the faithfulness to see this through.
Form where I stand now it seems to be a long road ahead.