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The worst news I've heard in almost five years…

In case you haven’t heard, and it matters to you… “Krimson Hughey, 26, went home to be with her Lord Jesus Christ on March 6, 2007, at 4:20 pm in Riverside Hospital. Her passing was precipitated by an acute attack of her lifelong asthma condition. She is survived by both parents, Phil and Maureen Hughey, her grandmothers Bettie Burke and Connie Hughey, sister Kisha (Michael) Russell, Niece – Fionna Russell, Aunt/Uncles Barbie (Ken) Smith, Tony (Dianna) Hughey, & Kurt Hughey. Her family is greatly comforted by the fact that Krimson had placed her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for her eternal salvation many years ago. That faith has been exhibited throughout her adult life as she attended Bible school and has been involved with her church for many years. The celebration of Krimson’s life will be held this Saturday, March 10, 2007 at Evangel Temple located at 817 North Hamilton Road, Gahanna, OH. The family will be receiving guests starting at 10:00am with the memorial service starting at 11:00am. The kind friends of Krimson and her family are hosting a fellowship meal at the Church’s Family Life Center following the service. This notice will not appear in any publication so please pass this on to any who you believe may be interested. We are relying on email and word of mouth for this invitation to get to everyone who needs to see it.”

Too Late

Life has slowed down.
Time to post something.
About Indonesia
Or about jeeps.
Or coffee…

Then I got a phone call.
I burnt a lot of bridges,
changed jobs, left town,
or I would have heard sooner.
And I wouldn’t go back if I could.


There is grief.
And guilt.
And loss.
What if I had fought?
What if I hadn’t walked away?
Would it have made a difference?
I was angry. Hurt. Whatever.
And now it doesn’t matter.

Its simply too late.