Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

Wherein I Ramble Too Much About Coffee and a Little About Me.


I used to frequent coffeehouses.

I love coffee and I love the atmosphere.

The background of sound is just enough to keep one alert, yet doesn’t overwhelm the senses or distract too much. The aroma of coffees roasted and brewed, the taste of a good cup, the patrons darting in and out, or planted for the time being at the other tables and chairs, the sounds of espresso brewing and milk steaming along with the hustle of the baristas all form a delightful mosaic of the senses.

I do love a good coffeehouse. (more…)

Forgive My Mess

I’m recklessly trying out the Standard Themes 3.0 Preview on the site, so there will be dust and debris laying around for a while.