Dave Gullett

a miscellanea


As usual, Chris Brogan hits it dead center:

“There are two types of writers: the kind who talk about being a writer and the kind who publish. I hear a lot of people telling me that they need the exact environment within which to write. It has to be loud. It has to be quiet. It has to be in sunlight. It has to be in total isolation. It has to be on my laptop, in my Moleskine, with the right pen, with the perfect writing software.”

“Excuses, all of it.”

In any arena, this rings true. We love excuses more than we love results.

Are these excuses, and others, just a cover up for fear and anxiety, or for mere laziness?

If we don’t “publish” or “ship” (to echo Seth Godin) we are still safe.

Safe from failure.

Safe from rejection.

Safe from hard work.

Resting on our expectations and ignoring the realities.

When are we going to get tired of playing it safe?