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Links for 12-2-11

Some links for Friday:

Beholding the Beauty of Christ in Wal-Mart

“Somehow amid the glamor and glitter of our hyper-technological and plastic age, we see true beauty in the way people made in God’s image express care for and sympathize with the plight of others.”

via David Shrock at The Gospel Coalition

First World Problems

“Whether we like it or not, enjoying the benefits of living in the First World sometimes means living with First World problems—including the most persistent First World problem of all: Having to listen to people whine about their annoying First World problems.”

From Joe Carter via Justin Taylor via Collin Hansen

The Scourge of the Internet

“Kande’s Story tells about a girl whose parents die of HIV/AIDS, leaving her to raise five siblings. As they face struggles, the people in their community—especially the local church—help them survive, learn how to prevent HIV/AIDS, and care for others affected by the disease.”

From Leo Babauta

Influential Missions Books

“For some of you, your story involves a book – or maybe even several books – that challenged you to think differently about missions – and about God!”

From The Seed Company

What it means to “Translate”

What ultimately matters is fidelity to form and context: “Translators do not translate Chinese kitchen recipes ‘into English.’ If they are translators, they translate them into kitchen recipes.”

The Washington Post via The Seed Company