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The Best Sermon I Ever Heard. | donmilleris.com

Don Miller about his friend and mentor:

“I heard somebody say every life is a sermon, that every new day we preach a point. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. It sounds like a lot of pressure to me. And the truth is I’ve been to a thousand or more church services and I can honestly remember the content of no more than three sermons.

But if it’s true a person’s life is a sermon, David Gentiles preached the best sermon I’ve ever heard. I’ll never forget him, or what he did with his life. David was a rock of a man and his sermon was love. His life and what it pointed toward will remain with me, and no doubt with many of you, as a foundation on which you will build your families, your friendships and your faith. It’s hard to imagine a sermon on love has ever been said better. I learned more about Jesus from David than any other person I know.”

The Best Sermon I Ever Heard. Remembering David Gentiles..