Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

The Gospel

I was listening to John Piper the other morning on CDR while I was at work. He finished his broadcast by emphatically defining the Gospel. The Gospel is NOT about living a good life, its NOT about going to church, and its NOT about having all your neeeds met financially, emotionally or otherwise. It is NOT about a 12 step program for getting into heaven or even staying out of hell. The Gospel is about God, and God alone. Soli Deo Gloria as the Reformers said. We want to make the Gospel and life itself about us, for our own good, our own comfort, our own security. But it is only about Him. It is for His glory and purposes. The Gospel is God reaching down in His sovereign grace, through Christ’s sacrificial death on the Cross – redeeming us and declaring us righteous in His eyes through no effort of our own. For His glory. For His glory alone.