Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

Almost Time

One week from today I will be getting on a plane to fly to South East Asia. Its way too much for words. Two things, however, to pray for… One, that the plane tickets will be waiting for me when I get to Orlando and Two, that my passport, with a fresh visa, will be waiting there as well. Without these things, I won’t get too far. I’m not worried, Christ is over all things.


Today we wrapped up our brief introduction to all these aspects of Translation and Linguistics. This evening we had a meal of autnetic Asian foods, from China, Thailand and Korea. The Missionary who spoke to us is working with the Hmong people in China. All in all another good day.


Today we finished our brief introduction to phonetics and moved on to phonology. And we continued with the other areas of introduction. This evening Mmexican was the theme, with an authentic dinner and a presentation form a translator working in southern Mexico in the Zapotec language. Like the previous two days, I have more information stuck in my head and not yet enough time to sort it all out.


Today we continued learning about grammar and phonetics and such… Grammar is interesting..though in school I remember being bored to death by it.. Phonetics is challenging… And the subjects of Literacy and Translation have opened my eyes up to things I hadn’t really thought about before. Dinner was from the Central African Republic – really delicious. And the member from CAR who presnted her ministry there was very engaging and increased my interest in the role of non-Nationals in partnering with native speakers in translation. She did a excellent job explaining the various facets of translation work and some of the joys and some of the difficulties of that work. All in all a very profitable day.


I arrived at Wycliffe Bible Translators regional office near Lancaster, Pa yesterday evening. I’m here to participate in a week long introduction to Translation and Linguistics called TOTAL it Up (or TIU). Today, we had introductory sessions on Phonetics, Literacy, Grammar and Language Learning. More on these subjects as the workshop progresses. Dinner was an authentic Peruvian meal. Absolutely delicious. More to come…