Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

"What a fascinating modern age we live in"

So says Jack Aubrey in the historical novel “Master and Commander” He is so right. Does anyone else remember “Tomorrowland”? It was either at Disney or Epcot in Florida.I haven’t been there since I was little. You sat on a ride and visions of future progress were laid out before you. The home of the future, space exploration, all kinds of things. I can vaguely remember visiting it once when I was a child. My grandparents would spend the summers at an RV park near Orlando and my family made a few trips down to Florida to visit them.Once we even saw the Challenger launch from Cape Canaveral. Things sci-fi or space related as well as things that were promised in the future captured my imagination. From the flying saucer commutes of the Jetson’s and the galactic adventures of Star Trek to the car on Knight Rider and the cyberworld of Tron, the I was fascinated and thrilled about what might be coming. Well, friends, the future is now. Check out the Popular Science Best of What’s New 2006 From super fast cars to cars that park themselves and tell you where to go, to satellites and planetary exploration, to personal jets, personal flying wings, and hydrofoil kayaks, from the best “duct” tape ever and amazing tools to intelligent prosthetic feet and custom made human organs the growth of technology and the capabilities it brings to us is simply astounding. We are either building the the foundations of a technological Utopia or the first steps up a new Tower of Babel. Either way, buckle up kids, because the ride is going to be amazing.

The Greatest of Kings….

born in the most humble of places….

The mysterious prophecy of a coming Messiah.

The stubborn resolve, then the humble dedication of a young girl.

The pain of a family, the scorn of a community.

The rights of a husband, and the power of mercy.

The wisdom of the Magi and the power of a king.

The sin of all mankind, and the love of God.

Many will complain, critique and judge. Others will mock and revile.

I say embrace the beauty and the majesty of

The Nativity Story