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Top Ten Foods of 2009

Food Favorites from ’09…that I may need to avoid in ’10

1. Papa John’s Pizza

2. Subway

3. Wendy’s

4. McDonald’s breakfast

5. Golden Corral

6. China City

7. Jade East

8. Super China Buffet (are we sensing a theme?)

9. Tim Horton’s

10. Cold Stone Creamery

OK make that really, really need to avoid, at least on a weekly basis.

U.S. Embassy warns of possible New Year's attack on Bali – CNN.com

More than 200 people were killed in the Bali bombing in October 2002.Praying that it is only a rumor:

“The Embassy said the warning initially came from the Bali governor, Mangku Pastika, and that it passed on his alert verbatim. The governor, however, said there was no information about a new terrorist threat.

“We never release(d) any warning related to terror on New Year’s Eve,” the governor’s office said in a statement after the Embassy released the warning.

“We however encourage both domestic and foreign tourists to be cautious,” the governor’s office said. “The terrorists hit Bali twice. Who knows what they will do next.””

U.S. Embassy warns of possible New Year’s attack on Bali – CNN.com.

Top Ten Places of 2009

Where was I in 2009?

1. Work

2. Home

3. My Grandmother’s House

4. Church

5. WalMart

6. Kroger’s

7. Pediatrician’s office

8. China City Restaurant

9. Huntington, WV (Borders, Starbucks, Old Navy and Target)

10. Columbus, OH (Barnes and Noble, the Apple store, Taste of Bali and I-270)

Bonus: Atlanta, GA (for a friend’s wedding and the farthest from home we managed to travel)

We didn’t make it back to Indonesia this year, but have firm plans for next May.

The Best Sermon I Ever Heard. | donmilleris.com

Don Miller about his friend and mentor:

“I heard somebody say every life is a sermon, that every new day we preach a point. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. It sounds like a lot of pressure to me. And the truth is I’ve been to a thousand or more church services and I can honestly remember the content of no more than three sermons.

But if it’s true a person’s life is a sermon, David Gentiles preached the best sermon I’ve ever heard. I’ll never forget him, or what he did with his life. David was a rock of a man and his sermon was love. His life and what it pointed toward will remain with me, and no doubt with many of you, as a foundation on which you will build your families, your friendships and your faith. It’s hard to imagine a sermon on love has ever been said better. I learned more about Jesus from David than any other person I know.”

The Best Sermon I Ever Heard. Remembering David Gentiles..

Top Ten Websites of 2009

Yep. My favorite websites of the year. (Not what I claim to like the best, but ones I actually use / view the most)

1. gmail

2. remember the milk

3. google reader

4. evernote

5. amazon

6. facebook

7. logmein

8. ESV Study Bible Online

9. simplenote

10. wordpress