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Francis Schaffer Quote from Ray Ortlund

“If the church is what it should be, young people will be there.  But they will not just ‘be there’ – they will be there with the blowing of horns and the clashing of high-sounding cymbals, and they will come dancing with flowers in their hair.”

Francis Schaeffer, The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century (Downers Grove, 1970), page 107.

“I loved that man.  He set my generation free to be happily radical for Christ.  Now it’s my turn — for the next generation.”

Bring it on, Mr. Ortlund.


No Such Thing as a “Muslim World” | Public Discourse

CC Daniel Zanini H.

“If we Americans, non-Muslim and Muslim alike, want to seek meaningful partnerships with Muslims in other populations of the world for countering terrorism and fostering human welfare, we need to stop hiding behind verbal gymnastics to avoid facing the reality of the vital role faith plays in the lives of many populations in the world today. This includes those who respond in faith to build, and those who manipulate religion to destroy.”

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(via Jennifer S. Bryson @ The Witherspoon Institute)

Four Holy Gospels

[vimeo id=”16501697″]

More proof that Worship and Art should never have been separated.
Just beautiful.

The People’s Buddhism

[vimeo id=”36257320″]

Excellent video explaining what most Buddhists in Asia believe and why they are so afraid.

The original video is password protected, so here is another by OMF about Buddhism.

(via Tim ChalliesOMF)