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Enough Episode 29 — Shawn Blanc’s Minimalism

Enough Episode 29 — Shawn Blanc’s Minimalism

my favorite itunes review of ‘raising up the dead’ (by caedmon’s call)


Why is this listed under “Christian & Gospel”?  The album may have “spiritual overtones”, but they’re NOT Christian.  I’ve listened to the album three times and found that Jesus is not mentioned.  Not even once.  I won’t be listening any more.  What a waste.  I find it incredibly sad.


Its true. Their response is sad.

Written in Stone

“The tsunami stones are warnings across generations, telling descendants to avoid the same suffering of their ancestors,”

NYT via Challies

Bomb threat at Indonesian Church

The Banten Police foiled this threat at my sister in law’s church near Jakarta.

Christ Cathedral has an amazing ministry in predominately Islamic Banten, however the church is Pentecostal, not Catholic as has been reported.

Five bombs were found in the area but none exploded and no one was hurt.


Death in the Place I Call Home

The New York Times reports that Portsmouth, Ohio “is home to some of the highest rates of prescription drug overdoses in the state, and growing numbers of younger victims.”

This isn’t news to people who live here but perhaps with national attention we’ll focus more on the enemy within our borders rather than those without.

Read the whole article here.