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Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day | Kevin DeYoung

Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day – Kevin DeYoung

A helpful article on the tension between honoring one’s country while only worshiping Christ Jesus.

Here is Kevin’s conclusion:

“In some parts of the church, every hint of patriotism makes you a jingoistic idolater. You are allowed to love every country except your own. But in other parts of the church, true religion blends too comfortably into civil religion. You are allowed to worship in our services as long as you love America as much as we do. I don’t claim to have arrived at the golden mean, but I imagine many churches could stand to think more carefully about their theology of God and country. Churches should be glad to have their members celebrate Memorial Day with gusto this Monday. We should be less sanguine about celebrating it with pomp and circumstance on Sunday.”

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Deadly Tornadoes | The Big Picture

Stunning and Heartbreaking.

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back | New York Times

Samar Hassan was 5 years old when her parents were killed by U.S. soldiers.
Now 12, she just recently saw the photo that shared her horror.

Read the NYT article.

In another tragic turn, Chris Hondras, the combat photographer who took that traumatic photo, was killed in Libya on April 20th.

In the Museum of Your Last Day

In the Museum of Your Last Day
by Patrick Phillips

there is a coat on a coat hook in a hall.
Work-gloves in the pockets, pliers and bent nails.
There is a case of Quaker State for the Ford.
Two cans of spray paint in a crisp brown bag.
A mug on a book by the hi-fi.
A disk that starts on its own: Boccherini.
There is a dent in the soap the shape of your thumb.
A swirl in the glass when it fogs.
And a gray hair that twines through the tines of a little black comb.
There is a watch laid smooth on a wallet.
And pairs of your shoes everywhere.
A phone no one answers.
A note that says Friday.
Your voice on the tape talking softly

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Love Your Enemies | The Resurgence