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Indian Summer

indiansummer-671x1024Indian Summer is the latest novel by author and designer Aaron Mahnke. You might be more familiar with Aaron for his design work, his freelancing guide or his capture tools.

I enjoyed Aaron’s two previous novels immensely. They are both fine examples of storytelling and left me wanting to experience more of the worlds Aaron has crafted.

Here’s the blurb:

The guilt of our childhood can haunt us for decades.

 Twenty years ago, a childhood tragedy drove six friends apart. But when one of them is found dead in the historic, wooded ruins of the New England settlement known as Dogtown, old acquaintances find themselves drawn together.

 Now they must work together to solve the meaning behind a message written in blood, a series of attacks, and the mysterious quills that seem to tie them all together. But time is quickly running out.

 Indian Summer is a chilling tale of six childhood friends and the things that haunt them—both natural and otherworldly.

I’m clearing away time this weekend to dive into this intriguing tale and you should too.

Check out some reviews in Aaron’s announcement.

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Seth Godin on the Super Bowl:

“It’s easy to be persuaded that this event is somehow about the game, or the coverage or the hype, but it’s not. Like Groundhog day, it’s a pointless thing we do over and over again, because hanging out with people you care about (even if it’s just to eat junk food and talk about how bad the commercials are) is almost always worth doing.”