Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

Leaving Jakarta

It’s our last morning in Jakarta, and its almost time to leave for the airport. Last night we had a thank-you/ farewell dinner for our Indonesian host families and some of the staff here. We attempted to serve them a typically American meal of bar b cue ribs, baked potatoes, and broccoli, though we had some Indonesian food as a backup. It was pretty entertaining to watch them try to eat the ribs, since they prefer to use only a fork and spoon and rarely eat with their hands. It was a great evening with a lot of good fellowship and a few tearful goodbyes…and a lot of laughter as well. We’ll be spending this weekend in Palangka Raya before at the office there, before heading out to the village on Monday. It’s a two day drive one way, and we have a chartered ancot to take us, as no one is flying in the region. We’ll be in the village for about 8 days, and then make the return trip to Palangka Raya before flying out to Bali. This will probably be the last update for some time, as there isn’t likely to be access or perhaps even time. Thanks you all so much for your prayers and I’ll try and post again as soon as I can.