Dave Gullett

a miscellanea

Time to Act

Many things in life try us, test us, mold us in various ways.
These life experiences often define us.
They reveal the things we value, the things we revere, the things that
we assign priority to in our lives.
Often we are forced to reconcile our desire for one thing and our love
for something else.
These things often force us to make decisions, often before we believe
we are ready.
But once we act, we often see that the time was indeed right, the
moment had finally come to do that one thing that filled us with both
dread apprehension and rapt anticipation.
Today the time was right for me.
I had oft been on the cusp of acting, almost there, nearly going
forward, only to shrink back, to hold off, to consider it one more
Just to be sure. To minimize the risk. To keep from making a fool of
myself. Again.
My instincts for such things are often lacking.
But today I acted.
I chose to move forward.
No matter the consequences.
Perhaps I waited to long.
Held back and missed my best opportunity.
Or maybe I should hold off, waiting for a more perfect moment.
But the idea of waiting leaves me feeling trepidatious.
So I will shrug off any doubt or indecision.
I may face a warm reception or a chilly disposition.
I don’t know what tomorrow brings.
But it was time. I know that for sure now.
To take the sun loving soft top off my Jeep
and put on the sturdy warm hard top for the winter.
The wind has a chill on it most days.
And the frost will soon be ice.
And though I love winter the warmth of spring seems far away.